Sermons by Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11

A19: Palm/Passion Sunday, Year A (2023)

April 2, 2023
Years ago John Phillip Newell was preaching at St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. Standing in the pulpit that hugs one of the massive, thousand-year old pillars of the church, Rev. Newell began his sermon with...

A19: Palm/Passion Sunday, Year A (2020)

April 5, 2020
Most of us like the comfortable and the familiar. Jesus, however, sometimes sends us ahead of him to places we have never been before. MaryAnn McKibben Dana, popular speaker, preacher, conference leader, and writer, preaches...

A20: Palm/Passion Sunday, Year A (2017)

April 9, 2017
Richard W. Voelz is an Assistant Professor of Preaching and Worship at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, VA. His sermon for this week draws on the eyewitness account of Egeria, an early pilgrim to Jerusalem,...