About Us

Jim Somerville

A Sermon for Every Sunday was founded in 2014 by Jim Somerville, Pastor of Richmond's First Baptist Church, and David Powers, President of Belltower Pictures, as a way to help churches that didn't have, or couldn't afford, a regular preacher. They recorded sermons in high-definition video that could be projected during worship, and then made those sermons available to rent ($4.99) or buy ($9.99) in an effort to recover production costs. For more than a year, that was the business model.

David Powers

But then a generous gift from an anonymous donor made it possible to offer the sermons free of charge, at least for the foreseeable future. Now they are being used by small churches, house churches, Bible studies, small groups, Sunday school classes, and for individual viewing on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Sign up below left to get the weekly sermon delivered to your inbox, or--if you find this resource valuable--click the button at left to make a donation. We'd like to keep the sermons coming.

Robbie Miller

Robbie Jones Miller, Content Specialist, was hired in 2018 to help manage a growing workload at ASFES. She uploads the new sermons from week to week, posts the manuscripts, and maintains the archives. Robbie is a graduate of the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond and an excellent preacher. She brings a keen homiletical sensibility to her work.

How It Works

The simplest way to use these sermons in worship is to download them to a laptop, connect the laptop to a projector, and project the sermons onto a screen.

In a smaller space, you can download the sermons to a laptop and use an HDMI cable to connect the laptop to a large, flat screen TV.

With a group of four or five you can enjoy refreshments and Bible study at a kitchen table, and then watch the sermon on a laptop.

For individual viewing: start by reading the text (always!), and then stream the sermons to a laptop, a tablet, or a smart phone.

Non-English speakers can use our YouTube channel to watch the sermons with closed captioning in their own language. Try it! (You may have to search for the preacher or sermon you are looking for).