January 21, 2024

“Can I Get the Jesus Option?”

Gary Charles

The Rev. Dr. Gary Charles is the recently retired pastor of Central Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, Georgia, currently serving Cove Presbyterian Church in Covesville, Virginia. In this sermon from Mark 1:14-20 he says, “I’m often astonished at how many people see following Jesus as optional equipment in life, like buying an extended warranty on a car. ‘Yes, I’d like to purchase the Jesus option, just in case there’s something to this Jesus I’ll be covered.’ Yet from the first chapter of his Gospel, Mark introduces us to a Jesus who is not interested in our occasional curiosity or our arm-length respect. He is interested in claiming and transforming our lives right now.”

Note: This sermon was originally released as B09: The Third Sunday of Epiphany, Year B (2015). We are pleased to re-release it simply because it didn’t get nearly enough “airplay” in 2015. Gary Charles is an amazing preacher, and deserves to be heard. Enjoy!

No manuscript available.