May 5, 2024

“If You’re Going to Live in My Love”

Carla Pratt Keyes

The Rev. Carla Pratt Keyes, Pastor of Ginter Park Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Virginia, preaches a sermon called, “If You’re Going to Live in My Love,” from John 15:9-17. “I have to say,” she begins, “I think it’s fun when themes of love and abiding show up in our lectionary close to Mother’s Day. It’s like getting a greeting card from God. Because these are the things we celebrate at Mother’s Day: things like love and home-making and family…and rules. ‘If you’re going to live in my love, you have to follow my rules!’ Jesus implies. Doesn’t that sound just like your mother?”

Manuscript available: click HERE

NOTE: This sermon was originally released as B24: the Sixth Sunday of Easter, Year B (2018)