April 21, 2019

C21: Easter Sunday, Resurrection of the Lord, Year C (2019)

Scott Spencer

In Hans Christian Andersen’s famous folktale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” the emperor hired tailors to make him exquisite new clothes with interwoven power that made them invisible to anyone unfit for their positions. It’s a sham, but everyone, including the emperor, will not admit it because they do not want to be seen as unfit for their positions. So it was in Jesus’ day as well. Scott Spencer, author and New Testament scholar, preaches a sermon called “The Emperor Has No Clothes: Exposing the Naked Truth” from Mark 15-16. He says, “Jesus comes as Lord and Messiah of God’s kingdom with a whole different idea of what it means to rule justly and rightly and it gets him killed by the fancy dressed set.” What is with all of the nakedness and re-clothing in Mark 15-16? What does it mean in light of the crucifixion and resurrection? Listen as Spencer explains how Jesus’ resurrection reveals the naked truth of God’s kingdom.

Manuscript available: Click HERE