February 17, 2019

C12: The Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany, Year C (2019)

Michael Renninger

We’ve heard the Beatitudes often. We are familiar with these words of Jesus from Luke 6:17-26. Father Michael Renninger, Pastor of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Richmond, Virginia, says, “Despite our best efforts to sugar coat and tame these Beatitudes, they still have the power to turn our world upside-down if we dare to listen to them and dare to live them.” Renninger tells of an emergency room doctor who visited Haiti to help with recovery after the earthquake. This man delivered premature twins in a muddy tent, twins who did not survive. The surgeon told Renninger how this experience caused him to reevaluate his priorities. What will it take to make you reexamine yours? How might God want to turn your world upside-down?

Manuscript available: click HERE