August 13, 2023

A38: The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost, Year A (2023)

Amy Starr Redwine

“In just about every sphere of life…we are tempted to reduce complex concepts to simple ideas that are easier for us to grasp. We long to break things down into the lowest common denominator that we can either accept or reject. Something about being human makes us prone to categorize, compartmentalize, and stereotype. We LONG for certainty,” says Rev. Amy Starr Redwine, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Richmond, Virginia. In today’s passage, Matthew 14:22-33, Jesus compels the disciples to take a boat to the other side of the sea, to unfamiliar, uncertain territory. In the midst of a storm, the disciples see someone walking toward them on the water. The uncertainty terrifies them. Jesus calls out to them and calms their fears. But Peter is not satisfied and commands Jesus to allow him to walk on the water. Listen as Redwine explains what we can we learn from Peter’s faith as he steps out of the boat into uncertain waters.

Manuscript available: click HERE