August 9, 2020

A37: The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost, Year A (2020)

Jim Somerville

Jim Somerville wasn’t always a Baptist, but then he fell in love with a pretty Baptist girl and married not only into her family but into her church. His father-in-law once told him (with a twinkle in his eye), “Baptists are the kind of people who like to get together and argue about who believes the Bible more.” Somerville says that if that’s true, then this Sunday’s Gospel lesson (Matthew 14:22-33) would surely be one of the stories they would argue about. Did Jesus really walk on water? Did Peter?! Somerville suggests that instead of asking, “Did it really happen this way?” we might ask, “What on earth is God trying to say?” What IS God trying to say in this incredible story, and why does it matter?

Manuscript available: click HERE