June 4, 2023

A28: Trinity Sunday, Year A (2023)

Ryan Ahlgrim

Rev. Ryan Ahlgrim, pastor of Richmond’s First Mennonite Church begins, “When I was a teenager, I remember seeing…an illustration that showed a huge chasm. On one ridge of the chasm stood a man and on the other ridge of the chasm stood all the animals of the animal kingdom. The point of that illustration was to say that humans and animals are vastly different from each other. They are separated by a huge gulf and we need to recognize how unique humans are.” However, Ahlgrim lists many ways how humans and animals are similar. He asks, “Are we so different from the animal kingdom?” He points out, “Spirituality is humanity’s unique product that we are not aware of anywhere in the animal kingdom.” Psalm 8 makes us wonder, “Do I matter at all? Do I have any significance at all?…Do I have any meaning…or any purpose?”  Listen as Ahlgrim explores “the great paradox of being a human being.”

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