June 2, 2024

“Jimmy, I Love You”

Michael Renninger

Father Michael Renninger, Pastor of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Richmond, Virginia, stayed up late to write a fresh sermon “on demand” for this Sunday. It’s based on the readings from Psalm 139; 1 Samuel 3:1-10: and Mark 2:23-3:6. It begins with the words, “Jimmy, I love you,” and continues with a story of how love grows and evolves over time to become more interested in the beloved than in the self. And how it becomes more willing to sacrifice. What were you made for? What is your true vocation? And how is it found in the things (or the ones) you are willing to sacrifice for?

Manuscript available: click HERE

NOTE: This sermon was originally released as B28: The Second Sunday after Pentecost, Year B (2018)