September 4, 2016

C41: The Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Year C (2016)

Will Willimon

“I suppose it’s only natural to present the Christian faith as some sort of answer to our questions, a kind of primitive, but sometimes effective technique, to help you obtain whatever it is that you think you just must have in order to make your life more fulfilling or livable,” begins Will Willimon, Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry at Duke Divinity School and a retired Methodist bishop. However, he says, “There is no false advertising from Jesus.” In Luke 14:25-33, Jesus preaches abrasive, harsh, and seemingly impossible demands. Some undoubtedly saw Jesus’s words as too much of a cross to bear. However, maybe, instead you see Jesus’s words as a gracious invitation for you to “count the cost…to sign up for discipleship, to take up the cross and follow him, down a narrow and demanding, but adventuresome way that few want to go.” Can you say, even after counting the cost, that you are still following Jesus? Listen as Willimon teaches us how Jesus’s truth leads to life.

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