August 14, 2022

C38: The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost, Year C (2022)

Judy Kincaid

“Today’s Gospel lesson, Luke 12:49-56, is hard! Jesus asks, ‘Did you think I came to bring peace to the earth?’ Well, yes, Jesus, yes, I did. You are the Prince of Peace. I don’t like this idea that Jesus came to cause fighting. And not just fighting, but the worst kind of fighting-fighting between members of the same family,” begins Judy Kincaid, pastor of Little Elk Creek Lutheran Church and New Hope Lutheran Church in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Kincaid continues, “Change is hard and it won’t be easy, but we are called to change what needs to be changed in our world, in our church, and in our own hearts…You can’t change the world, or even your own family, without causing some discomfort and strife. Jesus came to us as a messenger of God’s love for all people. Love is holy and true and lifegiving, but it’s not easy…” Listen as Kincaid explains why love is worth the fight.

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