July 24, 2022

C35: The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, Year C (2022)

Ryan Ahlgrim

Ryan Ahlgrim preaches that fascinating story from Genesis 18:20-32, about the time Abraham bargained with God in the hope that he would spare the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah “if only ten righteous” were found in them. Ahlgrim is the Pastor of First Mennonite Church in Richmond, Virginia, and a frequent contributor to this site. He begins his sermon with a story about how his own father wouldn’t hear him out when he felt that something was unjust, but God hears Abraham out. Does God really want us to work out our own morality “with fear and trembling,” in the same way we are urged to work out our salvation? Listen to Ahlgrim’s sermon and find out.

No manuscript available