June 5, 2022

BONUS REEL: Jacqui Lewis Preaches Pentecost (2022)

Jacqui Lewis

Jacqui Lewis wasn’t able to fit us into her schedule during the recent Festival of Homiletics in Denver, but “a promise is a promise,” and she had promised, so she recorded this sermon for us after she got home. We’re grateful. Lewis is Senior Minister for Public Theology and Transformation and Chief of Staff at Middle Collegiate Church in New York City. She is also an author, co-founder of The Middle Project, a podcaster, and a Senior Fellow at Auburn Seminary. She preaches on the Pentecost Sunday text from Acts 2:1-21. Lewis says that she has always been fascinated by the Pentecost story. She says, “The miracle in the Pentecost story is a miracle of communication…God’s love, God’s wisdom, God’s power enables the diverse magnitude of God’s creation to hear the good news, to understand that the good news is for them.” How do we speak God’s love language and how do we translate it for others to hear and understand? Listen as Lewis explains and invites us “to listen, to collaborate, and to create the reign of God on earth as it is in heaven.”

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