May 8, 2016

C24: The Seventh Sunday of Easter, Year C (2016)

Derik Jones

“Paul and Silas are in a precarious situation. They’re in a difficult spot. They’re in a place where they can only trust in God. They come to this place, this unexpected place, and they learn that even in faith, God might lead you to some victorious places, but He’ll first lead you to some difficult places.” Dr. Derik Jones, Pastor of First Baptist Church, South Richmond, Virginia, preaches a sermon called, “Lessons from Unexpected Locations,” based on Acts 16:16-34. He says, “We ought not be scared, but we ought to be expectant because we find out who God is when we allow our trust to be put in Him.” How do we have a religion for midnight? Listen as Jones teaches us how to do so through Paul and Silas’ experience in prison.

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