May 1, 2016

C23: The Sixth Sunday of Easter, Year C (2016)

Derik Jones

“Dr. Seuss’s first book was rejected by 23 publishers. In its first year of existence Coca Cola only sold 400 Cokes…Michael Jordan got cut from his high school team…Joseph had to go through a pit and a prison. Moses had to go through a burning bush and a Red Sea.” Dr. Derik Jones, Pastor of First Baptist Church, South Richmond, Virginia, tells stories of failure that turned into success. In today’s scripture passage, John 15:1-9, a man at the pool at Bethesda had been coming for 38 years. He did not give up. He did not quit. He kept coming to the pool. Jesus saw and recognized this man’s tenacity. Jesus told the man to rise and take up his mat. Why? It becomes this man’s testimony. It reminds him to look back. Do you want to be made whole today? Listen as Jones expands on the things we can learn from this man’s faith and Jesus’ interaction with him. “Your turn is coming….it is too soon to quit.”

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