February 21, 2016

C13: The Second Sunday in Lent, Year C (2016)

Jim Somerville

Jim Somerville, pastor of Richmond’s First Baptist Church and co-founder of A Sermon for Every Sunday, begins today’s sermon on Luke 13:31-35 with a reference to “The Chronicles of Narnia,” by C.S. Lewis. “During some of the worst of the wintry weather we’ve had in the last couple of months, and on a day when she was feeling particularly, and perhaps hopelessly, snowbound, my friend Phyllis wrote on her Facebook page: ‘OK, I’m ready for Aslan to show up and break the hold the White Witch has on creation. Yes, I know Aslan shows up unbidden, but in case he’s on Facebook I want him to know the faithful are ready.’” In today’s passage, Jesus sets his course for Jerusalem where he will be killed. Somerville says, “The question is not whether Jesus is going to Jerusalem, but whether we are going with him.” Are you ready to go?

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