January 2, 2022

C06: The Second Sunday after Christmas Day, Year C (2022)

Scott Spencer

“My mother would tell you, flat out, that her favorite Gospel was the Gospel of John…A lot of people agree,” begins Scott Spencer, author and New Testament scholar. He continues, “It’s hard to match John’s striking language and images, at once simple and profound, basic and advanced—No other Gospel advances such a scintillating, majestic view of Christ.” In today’s passage from John 1:(1-9), 10-18, the majestic prologue to the gospel of John is interrupted by an interlude about “another ‘man sent from God, whose name was John'”. Who was this man and why did he yield such influence? More importantly, what did he do with his influence? Listen as Spencer explains how the Biblical influencer John sets an example for modern day “influencers.”

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