December 9, 2018

C02: The Second Sunday of Advent, Year C (2018)

Sue Eaves

The Rev. Sue Eaves was born in England, a country of lush, green, picturesque views almost completely different from those she saw while visiting the deserts of the American Southwest.  The contrast was startling.  “Imagine my response,” she says, “to the total otherness of that landscape.”  And yet the desert is where the world’s three most prominent religions were born.  “Desert changes people,” Eaves says.

Maybe that’s why John the Baptist began his ministry there.

Sue Eaves is an ordained minister in the Episcopal Church, USA, and currently serves as the Interim Rector at St. Paul’s in Richmond, Virginia.  This week she invites us to the desert to meet John in a sermon from Luke 3:1-6.

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