November 28, 2021

C01: The First Sunday of Advent, Year C (2021)

Jim Somerville

“Advent is that time when we get ready for the coming of Christ, both his first and second coming. But honestly, is anyone still waiting for Christ to come back?” That’s the question that guides Jim Somerville’s exploration of the doctrine of the Second Coming in this week’s sermon from Luke 21:25-36. Somerville is pastor of Richmond’s First Baptist Church and co-founder of A Sermon for Every Sunday. He is also a gifted storyteller, and in this week’s sermon he shares stories about a near-apocalypse, about the hardship of waiting for someone whose bus is running late, about the pain of thinking that someone might never come back, and about the joy of being there when she does. Click the image above to see and hear “People Get Ready,” a sermon for the First Sunday of Advent, Year C.

Manuscript available: click HERE