March 28, 2021

B18: Palm/Passion Sunday, Year B (2021)

Kristin Adkins Whitesides

“When I moved to Winchester, Virginia, I learned very quickly how much my town loves a good parade. For a whole weekend we celebrate as the Apple Blossom Festival shuts down banks and schools and reminds us that spring has arrived, and with it, the blessings of new life, visibly budding out on trees and surrounding us with celebration,” begins Kristin Adkins Whitesides, pastor of First Baptist Church, Winchester. Today’s passage, Mark 11:1-11, includes a parade as well. Jesus made his way into Jerusalem, but so did Pilate. The two parades and what they stood for could not have been more different. “Two processions made their way into Jerusalem that day.  And, as those who seek to be faithful to Jesus today, we are forced to ask ourselves: Which parade are we a part of?”

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