January 31, 2021

B10: The Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany, Year B (2021)

Richard Voelz

“Those who gathered thought it was going to a normal day in the Capernaum synagogue,” begins Richard Voelz, Professor of Preaching and Worship at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia. In today’s passage from Mark 1:21-28, Voelz says, “But then a stranger stood up, and he began to teach. There was a weightiness to what he was saying. The words he spoke hung in the air, thick with meaning. He taught the people with authority, with power that they were not accustomed to hearing. And then, right before their eyes, he cast out a demon. This was anything but normal….” The crowd in Capernaum got a whole lot more than they bargained for that day. Voelz invites us to do the same as we worship.

Manuscript available: click HERE