May 21, 2023

A26: The Seventh Sunday of Easter, Year A (2023)

Sue Eaves

The Rev. Sue Eaves says, “Jesus’ words to the disciples at the Last Supper, the words we read in this morning’s gospel, John 17:1-11, call to mind the insanity of the whole enterprise.” Jesus prays for the disciples and, “in those few and simple words the disciples become the guardians of the word and the future of all that Jesus has begun.” She asks, “Can you imagine how terrifying that was for Jesus?…How would you feel if you were to be asked to hand over your life’s work, your greatest achievement, your deepest desire and vision, to a bunch of confused, and seemingly potential idiots?” Eaves invites us to “reflect on what it must have cost Jesus to hand over his work with no guarantees about what the disciples would do with it.” Jesus entrusted the disciples, and us, with a great responsibility. How will you respond?

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