January 22, 2023

A09: Third Sunday after the Epiphany, Year A (2023)

Brian Blount

Brian Blount, renowned New Testament professor and President of Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia, preaches a sermon on the calling of the first disciples from Matthew 4:12-23. “Look at these fools!” he says, quoting a New York City tourist who couldn’t believe how people drive in that town. Well, look at the disciples of Jesus, Blount suggests. When Jesus calls them to follow they drop everything and do exactly that. “Look at these fools!” Who’s going to provide for their families? Who’s going to pay the rent? But in the preaching of Jesus the disciples have caught a glimpse of “the Apocalyptic forest fire on the horizon of human history,” and in a moment like that you drop everything. You follow. And you don’t look back.

Manuscript available: Click HERE