November 27, 2022

A01: The First Sunday of Advent, Year A (2022)

Judy Kincaid

“It’s the First Sunday of Advent again. What does that even mean? Advent is about waiting for something important. The word Advent just means coming or arrival. We’re waiting for Jesus to arrive. Actually, we’re waiting for two things at the same time. We are waiting for Jesus to come back and fix everything that is wrong with the world, and we’re waiting to celebrate Christmas and the baby Jesus,” begins Rev. Judy Kincaid, pastor of Little Elk Creek Lutheran Church and New Hope Lutheran Church in Menomonie, Wisconsin. She continues, “Advent is about being ready for whatever is coming and not knowing when it will be.” Today’s passage from Matthew 24:36-44 reminds us to “stay awake, keep prepared, and wait with anticipation for Jesus’ return.” How do we go about doing those things? Listen to Kincaid’s sermon, “Time to Wake Up,” to find out!

Manuscript available: click HERE