June 23, 2019

C30: The Second Sunday after Pentecost, Year C (2019)

Brian McLaren
“We’ve all had experiences where something disrupts the norm and somebody does something that is inappropriate,” says Brian McLaren in his introduction to this week’s sermon.  This naked man running around  a graveyard in Luke 8:26-39, for instance.  “Everyone knows about him and he’s kind of an embarrassment,” McLaren continues.  But Jesus confronts the evil that oppresses him, casts it out, “saves” him.  What would that kind of salvation look like in our own time–that beautiful freedom from oppression–and where do we begin?

Brian McLaren is a speaker, activist, and bestselling author of many books including We Make the Road by Walking, The Great Spiritual Migration, and most recently Cory and the Seventh Story, an illustrated children’s book.

(sermon manuscript not available)

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