May 26, 2019

C26: The Sixth Sunday of Easter, Year C (2019)

Will Willimon

In today’s sermon, Will Willimon tells the story of a friend who, at mid-life, decided that he wanted to learn how to fly. Willimon remembers, “He felt growing anxiety in himself as he contemplated that day when he would wave good-bye to his flight instructor and take the plane up by himself.” But when that day came his friend said, “My instructor had taught me so consistently, so repeatedly, so reassuringly, I just knew what I had to do. I could almost hear his voice, as if he were right there in the cockpit with me.” Willimon says, “In a way, I think that’s just how Jesus, the teacher, speaks to us today.” In John 14:23-29, Jesus reminds the disciples and us that a good teacher, the Advocate, goes with us. Listen as Willimon reminds us that we are never alone in this world.

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