May 31, 2020

A27: The Day of Pentecost, Year A (2020)

Judy Kincaid

Have you ever tried to teach Biblical concepts to a group of three-year-olds? Rev. Judy Kincaid, pastor of Little Elk Creek Lutheran Church and New Hope Lutheran Church in Menomonie, Wisconsin, volunteered to teach her three-year-old son’s Sunday school class. She tried to find something simple and concrete to convey and used visual aids. This approach seemed to work until she had to teach Acts 2:1-21 on Pentecost Sunday. She baked a cake and the children sang happy birthday to the church. One of the children went home and told his mom that Santa Claus was going to come to the church on his birthday and set everyone’s heads on fire. So, what is Pentecost? It is much more than the birthday of the church. Listen as Kincaid explains why.

Manuscript available: click HERE