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The Rev. Dr. Alyce M. McKenzie is Professor of Homiletics at Perkins School of Theology. Her sermon from Luke 15:1-10 is called, “Tony, Tony, Turn Around” (something’s lost that must be found!).
Joanna Adams preaches a sermon from 2 Kings 5:1-14 called, “The Ego and the Miracle.”
Dr. William H. Willimon preaches a sermon called “Walking with Jesus” from Luke 7:11-17: the story of the raising of the widow of Nain’s son.
Will Willimon, Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry at Duke Divinity School and a retired Methodist bishop, preaches a sermon from Luke 14:25-33 called, “Still Following Jesus.”
Joanna Adams, retired pastor in the Presbyterian Church and co-founder of Higher Ground, preaches a sermon from 2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14 called “The Mantle is Passed.”
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